About Company

Management Concept: Innovation for development, management for efficiency.

Research & Development

A team of 35 research & development experts. Quality bases on creation, Strength leads to resplendence

Production Capacity

Daily punching capacity 20,000,000 times. Do specialization, Realize perfection

Quality Assurance

Each product undergoes 20 strict inspection procedures. disqualification rate is lower than 200PPM.

★Working with customers around the world, we manufacture parts that require multiple manufacturing processes, from tool and die making to metal fabrication. We fathom the pressure faced by our customers to reduce costs yet maintain strict quality and reliability standards. Our engineering expertise, continuous process improvement and numerous manufacturing processes help us meet these low-cost initiatives while providing the highest quality tool and die products, metal parts and assemblies.

Executing ISO-9001 norm for more than 10 years, specialized in fabrication services like stamping parts, injection molding parts and CNC machined parts for different industries, Dongguan Penguin Industrial Co.,Ltd is a precision components manufacturer from China with more than 110 well trained workers and 10 experienced engineers.

We have been serving 150+ customers from USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, South Africa, Korea, Japan and Denmark for more than 10 years, and we have already accumulated 80+ customers from those areas.